“1st UICIHSS Conference” #23 – 24 March 2017#


UICIHSS 2017 is An Excellent Platform

For academic exchange in cross- cultural approach and beyond. Our main aim is to stimulate discussion, debate, informed dialogue and research on Islam, knowledge and civilisation relating to it.

  1. To enhance Islamic humanity and social sciences studies towards the global era
  2. To exchange experiences , issues, and ideas on Islamic humanities and social sciences
  3. To pursue strategies for human resources development and nation building
  4. To strengthen partnership among scholars and institutions

Conference Dates: 23 of March 2017 (Thursday) – 24 of March 2017 (Friday)

Venue: Hotel Atlet Century, Jalan Pintu Satu , Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia.  

Conference Theme:

“Pursuing excellent understanding among scholars on Islamic humanities and social sciences in the global community is an effort to accelerate the development of the understanding on Islamic humanities and social sciences among people in the world in the modern era. The conference is covering the discussion on all issues on Islamic humanities, social sciences which are very important for the torch of human life to deal with a better life now and in the future.”